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Loopfront selected as one of the Nordic Top 50 Impact Companies 2022

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The One Initiative annually selects 50 startups in the Nordics and the Baltics who are invited to a gathering in Copenhagen in September. Here, the companies get to meet investors and have exclusive access to an exciting development program and network. The criteria for the selection is that, among other things, we work with solutions that contribute to us reaching the global goals for sustainable development.

This year, over a thousand companies have been assessed and we are one of them. That we are recognized as a company that can help influence the future positively is something we are incredibly proud of. This is one of the reasons why we look forward to getting up in the morning.


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We had a coffee with the general manager of Loopfront, Michael A. Curtis,and asked him some questions about the given nomination.


Why do you think Loopfront was selected as one of these 50 companies?

– I think it is a combination of thought leadership and our focus on reuse and reimagine. We spend a lot of time talking about the good work that is created together with our talented partners and forward-looking customers. It is incredibly important to convey all the exciting things that are happening, share expertise, insight and cooperate. With the vision we have, it is no use working in a silo and keeping the cards to yourself. We want to create change and then we have to work together. We also see that this motivates new customers to try our platform. Product-wise, we are still at the beginning, and we learn a lot every single week, but the focus is always on streamlining processes and bottlenecks that make the job difficult for those who carry them out.

The change we are facing will cost. We have to be honest about that. But it costs even more not to. - Espen Barth Eide, Minister for Climate and Environment, Arendals Week 2022 (Norway).


What does this selection mean for Loopfront as a company?

– A lot! We are just one of many hundreds of thousands of startups in Europe, so the fact that we are one of the 50 selected means that we can reach more people with our message. Working with reuse and the circular economy is not always easy, but it is always worth it - in one way or another. In our platform, we have a lot of data. We can break it down by customer or analyze it cumulatively, and there is no doubt that investing in reuse pays off in the long term.


Start, stop, continue - what else can we expect from Loopfront in the future?

In any case, we will continue to prioritize the right partners and customers. When you get a good match, it's impressive to see how quickly you can get started and see results. We will also continue with the political commitment to work with changes to regulations and proposals for incentives to make it even easier to work with reuse. We have a lot of insight and expertise, so we have a lot to contribute here.


Michael A Curtis sammen med Statssekretær Nancy Charlotte Anti PorsangerFrom a meeting in the government quarter this summer where we present a model for zero-emission buildings to the Secretary of State Nancy Charlotte Anti Porsanger (Sp). 


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