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Product update: October 🍂

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Autumn is here, and the product team is still working on making the platform simpler, faster and smarter. Since our last release, they have completed several requested features, improved the user experience and fixed some minor issues.


  • Select. A brand new batch action! Now it is even easier to manage many materials at once. Save time creating new listings with fewer clicks.

oct - batch
Click on "Select" and chose the desired materials. When that's done, click on "Select action", fill in the date fields, important information and create a new listing.

  • Pop-up. Get notified of saved changes through a pop-up. You can either tap the exit button (x) or wait for it to disappear by itself after a couple of seconds.

oct - notifiSaved changes are confirmed through notifications in a pop-up window

  • Change organization. Practical update that makes it easy for users with access to several organizations to jump between these in the platform.

oct - org"Change organization" is particularly beneficial for partners who work together or handle several organizations at once.



  • Search with incomplete words when filtering. This function makes the search easier and faster. Tip: can also be used to locate materials named with typos.

oct - filterNow it's even easier to find what you're looking for. Just enter the beginning or parts of the material name and the search engine will help you with the rest.



  • Filtering on top level categories did not include sub categories in the results
  • Filtering on location floors did not display materials with items on that floor

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