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Your Circular Subscription  2022

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The environmental requirements from the EU and national level are now being rolled out. Circular resource management is at the center. Whether you are an architect, contractor, or property manager in the private or public sector, this will affect your business. In order for companies to be able to meet these requirements, you need the right tools that make it easy to create an overview of both the resources and the circular processes required: mapping for reuse, CO2 calculations and reporting.

Circular Economy: Easy, Fast and Economical

Instead of using spreadsheets and cumbersome processes to implement a circular economy, Loopfront offers an all-in-one service that includes everything from planning to reporting. This makes the process easier and faster for your business.


Effective Mapping Tool


Loopfront makes mapping for reuse faster and easier. For example, two people mapped one of KLP's office buildings in Trondheim, and in 10 hours they found a total of 1248 products that could be reused.


This is equivalent to a saving of 21.5 tonnes of CO2 if new similar products were to be used, or NOK 1.56 million.



Material Bank 


In order for your company to easily get an overview of what you have at any given time, Loopfront includes a material bank. Here, you can add furniture, interior, landscape elements, building materials and more.

Automatically Generated CO2 Values


Loopfront does the CO2 calculation for your company - so that you do not have to pay for this expertise. You will also see the CO2 potential immediately so that you can create reports at your own convenience.



"Using Loopfront saves the person mapping out products and materials for reuse a lot of time by capturing CO2 data."  - Trude Ytterland Nygård, Civil Engineer, Building management, Multiconsult


Important Reports


The new reporting requirements in 2022 will be easy with Loopfront. At the request of our customers, we develop a number of reports:

  • CO2 reports
  • Status of reuse
  • Repair
  • Financial savings

This will make it quick and easy to draft other reports, such as those required by BREEAM and other certification bodies.


QR Codes


QR codes link physical materials with the digital cards of the material. This way you will always have control over where the material is located. You also get an overview of what is planned for the material or product - whether it should be reused, is available or in need of being repaired.


Material Pass


Hver enkelt produkt eller materiale får sitt eget materialpass. Dette gjør at informasjon om materialet er utfyllende nok og arkitekter og byggeiere kan være trygge på ombruk.

Each product or material gets its own material pass. This means that information about the material is comprehensive enough for architects and building owners to be confident that it can be reused.


Collaboration Across the Value Chain


In order to have a successful project and increase the financial and environmental savings, it is important to be able to collaborate with other players in the value chain. With Loopfront, this collaboration becomes seamless and easy.


The Public Sector is Leading the Way


Municipalities such as Asker, Oslo, Trondheim, Tønsberg and Bærum have made great progress with mapping for reuse and making circular measures as a result of using Loopfront. The public sector therefore saves the environment and money


By using Loopfront, we have streamlined the mapping process and at the same time gained a unique overview of existing furniture inventory [...] it is also very positive that the system generates reports that make the gains from reuse visible.” - Kjersti L. Sanden, Bærum municipality.


Minister of Trade and Industry, Jan Christian Vestre, tester Loopfront.


Property Managers and Architects See the Value of a Circular Economy


Private property managers and architects have recently discovered that Loopfront can make all projects circular if they start using the platform early in the process. In 2022, architects will finally be able to design with access to a reuse database where materials have been defined as reusable and being safe to include in the next project.


For example, Loopfront and Multiconsult mapped eight larger buildings, and 16,639 building materials that were considered for reuse in other buildings. The savings can be huge, both in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and financial savings


"This project illustrates the potential that lies in thinking in terms of circularity in the construction industry. The survey shows that we can have financial savings in the millions, and at the same time drastically reduce climate emissions from the industry - only by reusing materials in eight individual projects. It tells us that society as a whole can save enormous amounts of resources by choosing circular solutions" - Therese Bodding Sæthre, director of geo, water and environment, Multiconsult. 


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