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GreenStock changes its name to Loopfront

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This name change supports the company’s strategy and development in becoming a global supplier within circular technology. 

The world is changing and with this new brand the company chooses to show its dedication to the customers and simultaneously pave new roads towards circular economy.


 The CEO Michael Curtis, says the following about the name change: 

Why the namechange?

GreenStock was established with the ambition to reduce CO2 emissions and waste within the European building industry.  We now want a name that’s unique in the international arena, and that can be associated with circular economy

What does the name Loopfront mean?

We chose Loopfront because we want to be in the front, not only in Norway but also in the rest of Europe concerning circular economic processes in the building and real estate Industry.  Reuse or recycling extends the lifetime of material recourses and sets the material in a “Loop”.  A large amount of used materials can receive a new life instead of being thrown away.

What's happening in the future?

Loopfront is launching a multitude of new possibilities and automatic functions already in the first quarter of 2021.  The platform is developed to make the circular process even more effective, simple, and profitable.

Reuse made easy

The platform is designed to facilitate recycling of building materials and inventory through reuse or processing of secondary raw materials for the production of new components. The platform will simplify and ensure the cooperation process between stakeholders in real estate, construction and civil engineering.

The platform is developed so that building materials and inventory can efficiently be re-used directly or recycled in the production of secondary raw materials. The platform should simplify and ensure cooperation between customers in the real estate and construction industries.  Our success isn’t only about our products and services, its also about people.  Together with our customers we are creating the future of circular solutions and helping them to reach their sustainability goals, and by this creating a stronger Loopfront.  The company has offices in Oslo and Trondheim and is establishing itself in Sweden.  We are looking for professional environmental advisors in both Sweden and Norway.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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