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Reuse Survey: pathways towards a circular construction industry

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Every year in Norway, almost 2 million tonnes of waste is produced from construction, and in addition about 200,000 tonnes of furniture and interior are thrown away. The construction industry is in serious need of transformation in the face of the green shift, since these figures must be halved by 2030. Our circular advisor Elin Hansen has clear ideas about how 'Reuse Survey' in Loopfront can guide the industry into the circular economy.


Which challenges can Loopfront solve in the industry? 

The construction industry faces major challenges related to circular economy and reuse. In new building projects, surplus materials arise from both cutting and incorrect ordering, and materials are left undisposed after rebuilding and renovation. Large amounts of reused materials are thrown away while new materials and resources are purchased for staggering amounts. There is clear potential for better utilisation of resources both for the industry and for the environment.

Loopfront is a digital platform that addresses precisely this need. We have developed technology that facilitates fast and efficient surveying of both building parts and interior.

In the Loopfront platform, building materials are registered and cataloged according to the table of building elements, and furniture and fixtures can also be surveyed. Furthermore, images can be saved directly via mobile and unique QR codes can be linked to each individual object using stickers. Assessment of usability can be done by registration, or you can add this information afterwards - alongside with FDV documentation. This makes it possible to establish full overview of all available materials in just a few days - instead of weeks or months.


What are the benefits of early Reuse Survey in Loopfront?

For many, gaining a systematic overview of their own resources can feel like a revolution

The simplest circular solution is internal reuse in your own organisations ecosystem, either by reusing materials and interior in another building or by redesigning materials within the same building. In addition, early surveying makes it possible to set more accurate goals for projects and procurements, or even change planned procurement processes.

The platform also makes it easier to collaborate with other stakeholders. In the platform, you can manage internal users access to the system, or give external users access to specific locations. In this way, stakeholders ranging from design teams and contractors to service providers and other ecosystems can be given access to view, reserve materials, or interact on solutions.


Do you want to know more about Reuse Survey?

Digital circular platforms, such as Loopfront, can be the answer to many of the challenges the industry is facing. On May 4th, Elin Hansen will give a short talk on Loopfront as a tool, at the membership event for the Grønn Byggallianse and Byggindustrien. The event is called Material forum: How should a reuse survey be carried out? We hope to inspire new stakeholders to use digital tools for Reuse Survey and collaboration on circular solutions!


Do you want to get started with Reuse Survey and planning?